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gift set for a newborn baby bamboo 5set

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  • MaterialThe fabric is mixed in bamboo 60% and cotton 40%.


  • South Korea South Korea

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Bebeone is the only brand specialized for infants and toddlers with high praciticality and trendiess.

BeBeOne products are of our own design, non-fluorescent and produced in Korea.  

BeBeOne always designs and produces products with a heart for kids.



gift set for a newborn baby


Cotton products are produced in 100% pure cotton and non-florescent products. ,

Bamboo products are produced in a mixture of bamboo 60% and cotton 40% and non-florescent goods..


We would introduce to Korean baby jacket for newborn baby. It is very soft, clean, cute design.

* Available to set with Swaddle all newborn jacket.


One box packing good for a gift consists of newborn baby swaddling cloth 1 piece, newborn baby hat 1 piece, hand wrapper 1 pair, body wrapper 1 piece and baby-bib 1 piece.


* Newborn baby only, One size. 



There are various micro-gaps and micro-holes in cross-section of the bamboo fiber so that it has excellent ventilation and absorbency. It makes your baby feel cool and comfortable.